Hi! I'm currently a first year Computer Science PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania and am advised by Lyle Ungar and Sharath Chandra Guntuku. I am primarily interested in using computational and causal inference techniques to better understand issues of bias and health equity. More than anything, I'm excited by research that can help inform public policy. My work has appeared in The New York Times, CNN, and The Washington Post, and has been cited by the Ohio governor, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren.

You can reach me at: nsehgal at seas.upenn.edu


Previously, I obtained a Master's of Engineering in Computational Science & Engineering at Harvard University. I also worked part time on the HealthMap Computational Epidemiology team at Boston Children's Hospital and was advised by John Brownstein and Benjamin Rader. Before that, I recieved an AB magna cum laude in computer science at Brown University, and spent summers at Reddit, Microsoft, and Case Western's Center of Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics.


Peer Reviewed Publications

Submitted for Publication

  • Race Discrimination in Facebook Internet Advertising: Evidence From a Field Experiment

    Neil KR Sehgal and Dan Svirsky

  • Follow for Follow: Racial Discrimination in the Instagram Gig Economy

    Neil KR Sehgal and Dan Svirsky

  • Adherence to Non-pharmaceutical Interventions Following COVID-19 Vaccination: A Federated Cohort Study

    Benjamin Rader, Neil KR Sehgal, Julie Michelman, Stefan Mellem, Marinanicole Schultheiss, Tom Hoddes, Jamie MacFarlane, Geoff Clark, Shawn O'Banion, Paul Eastham, Gaurav Tuli, James Taylor, John Brownstein

  • Beyond Bedside Manner: Examining the Role of Physician Characteristics in Online Verified Primary Care Physician Reviews

    Neil KR Sehgal, Benjamin Rader, John Brownstein